Your Bible Question

Question: Will Man, Like the Dinosaurs Become Extinct?

Answer:  The Bible's answer is "No, Man will not become extinct on earth"  It is true, with nuclear bombs and missiles being held by various countries, there is a potential for terrible wars, detruction and death.  Nature too, in earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes and tornadoes can cause unthinkable damage and thousands of deaths.  We might be tempted to think from all these human and natural dangers that man might well become extinct.  But I Corinthians 15:51 teaches us that when Jesus comes again to judge the world, that not all man shall be dead, or as the verse says "asleep".  I Thessalonians 4:17 says that when Christ comes again there will be people living on earth.  This does not mean that earthly calamities will not strike large populations on the earth.  But it does teach that we do no have to fear human extinction.  Only when Jesus judges all man kind, the living and the dead, and receives the righteous to heaven and casts the wicked to hell, will he then end this earth.  II Peter 3:10 says the earth shall be burned up.  The earth will become extinct when Jesus comes again in judgement, but man will not.  Man will receive heaven or hell.